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Whether by yourself or in groups...

Sitting under blue skies

In a cove,

Energized by the sea,

over coffee

Inspiration whispers


​"Come, sit with me."

​​Mary Olivia Patiño


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Write - and the journey begins-

Resisting Happiness

Matthew Kelly's book challenges us to prioritize what is important for our lives and to see where we resist that happiness.

Inspired by his work, our Angels' writing group reflected on ways that we 'resist' God's invitation and the ways that we ultimately seek God's Plan. 


March, 2017  

Writing Essentials:

Write daily.

​Write freely.

The journey of writing is like a pilgrimage.  Along the road, we befriend others as well as our deepest memories.  Our souls yearn to find meaning and to give thanks.

Writing is balm for the soul

Planning a day of reflection?  

Using a chapter from her Journal section in Moments of Grace: a Collection of Poetry Inspired by Faith,  author, Mary Olivia Patiño will  customize a morning or day of reflection for your venue.

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In the Garden of Olives

Photo:  Mary Olivia Patino

​Write:  To Remember

When have we found ourselves at the foot of "the agony in the garden"?


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​Book Lovers

​​​​​Mary Olivia Patiño

My Lenten Journal

My Spiritual Gifts

How am I sharing God's compassion for me with others, i.e., my family, my loved ones?

How will I bring that spirit of mercy to the stranger in my midst?


Creative Writing

Even now, says the Lord,

return to me with your whole heart...Rend your hearts,

not your garments,

and return to the Lord.

Joel 2:12


   Write to Remember  

   Write, Journal, Reflect

   Write to Leave a Legacy

Poetry that Inspires


​Write to Tell a Story

Features Journal Section for Reflection with Scripture.

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"We write to remember."


from burning of the Palms

​at St. Brigid Catholic Church

Photo courtesy of V.M., parishioner

As ashes are placed on the foreheads of the faithful, we hear these words:

"Repent and believe in the Gospel."


"Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return."

Ash Wednesday 

marks the beginning of 




Listening to others from a distance of respect







the distance is 

​no longer

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