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Journal Prompt:

"When facing struggles or decisions, I ....."

Field of flowers in the Holy Land.

-photo taken in 2012 pilgrimage-

Prayer for the morning

Creation is of the order of love.

-Pope Francis

Laudato Si', 77

"As for me and my

household, we will serve

the Lord."

-Joshua 24:15

Write or Journal about:  

   What images of a home come to mind?      Write about 'forming a home'.  What are    some memories ​of 'home' for you?

How does your home reflect the glory of creation?

On Considerations for Interior Life:

Through the cross, heavenly sweetness is poured into our souls, our minds are strengthened and we experience spiritual joy. 

-Thomas A Kempis,

  The Imitation of Christ

Writing reflects our faith, our spirituality, and our lives.

Consider the lilies of the field,

How they grow;

They neither toil nor spin.

-Luke 12:27

Reflection and Writing Tips

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What values give a sense of purpose to our lives?

"The highest good is prayer and conversation with God."

-St. John Chrysostom

Mary Olivia Patiño