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Field of flowers in the Holy Land.

-photo taken in 2012 pilgrimage-

Prayer for the morning

Creation is of the order of love.

-Pope Francis

Laudato Si', 77

"As for me and my

household, we will serve

the Lord."

-Joshua 24:15

Write or Journal about:  

   What images of a home come to mind?      Write about 'forming a home'.  What are    some memories ​of 'home' for you?

How does your home reflect the glory of creation?

On Considerations for Interior Life:

Through the cross, heavenly sweetness is poured into our souls, our minds are strengthened and we experience spiritual joy. 

-Thomas A Kempis,

  The Imitation of Christ

Writing reflects our faith, our spirituality, and our lives.

Consider the lilies of the field,

How they grow;

They neither toil nor spin.

-Luke 12:27

Reflection and Writing Tips

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Writing Prompt

Who do you remember on Memorial Day?  How did they serve?

What values did they stand for?  Die for?

What values did they live for?

Where did they live or die?

Why does this make a difference?

What values do those still living embody for themselves and model for their families and country?

"The highest good is prayer and conversation with God."

-St. John Chrysostom

Across the land,

in homes, business fronts, cemetaries, in pastoral fields, our Flag waves for those who served our country, and for those who died in that service.  

Mary Olivia Patiño

memorial day