​​Create your Writing Space

Whether by yourself or in groups...

Sitting under blue skies

In a cove,

Energized by the sea,

over coffee

Inspiration whispers


​"Come, sit with me."

​​Mary Olivia Patiño


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  • Days of Reflection

- and the journey begins-

Author, Writer, Poet, Speaker

​​​​September 19, 2016: 

Reach out to someone:

-Pray for their needs.


​-Cook a Meal

​-Share stories


September 20, 2016:

September 21, 2016:

September 22, 2016:  First Day of Autumn

​September 23, 2016:  Writing Prompt: 

​"I hear Autumn's..."

Dead Tree Books

5645 S. Flores Street #105

San Antonio, Tx 78214


A few days ago, my sister mentioned this bookstore in the Southside. 

​We'd been working through our

'Friday--to-Do' ​List-so we stepped into another world, beckoning us to browse and select a ​few items.

​Learned they have a couple of groups in the works.

September 26:  'Sounding Board' - Call Dead Tree Books for details.

Author during guest appearance on Texas Matters (Texas Public Radio.  tpr.com).

Speaker:  Mary Olivia Patiño

Resources for Writers

​​Mary Olivia Patiño

What's Your Venue?



"​Once, long ago, she moved in the center of the women's universe...Guided by Intuition, sleeping Michoacán monarch memory."


​Moments of Grace

           Mary Olivia Patiño

​Write to Remember.  

Write, Journal, Reflect.

Write to Leave a Legacy.

Write Poetry

​Write to Heal


Features Journal Section for Reflection with Scripture.

"We write to remember."